Banned from cargo/salv-ban appeal

 SS14 account: joris
Character name: saaka-teeka i think
Type of Ban: cargo/salv ban
Date of Ban and Duration: 23.08.22
Reason for Ban: "dismantled part of cargo shuttle and used parts from it to make their own shuttle,rendering it inoperable.
this is in conjuntion with a cargo/salvage roleban taht will have to be appealed.
Server you were playing on when banned:lizard
Your side of the story: so im going to go over waht happend taht game: i was a passenger who asked hop for a job hop told gave me a position as salv specalist after i asked
if a spot was avalible after taht i started doing my job and after some
time the other salvage members started making a shuttle.
after gathering materials and building the basic stuff they got a shuttle computer while i got cables from engenering they also got the smes and the other parts
i will admit for taking apart the cargo shuttle but taht was after the shuttle console on the station was missing which had nothing to do with me i also asked afterwards if it was ok to use the parts
i didnt think much of it until the end of the game wehn we were called out by an admin for our mistake then as far as i know i got banned for 24 hours and from cargo permanently.
i apoligize for waht happend and will not do it again as know i am aware of waht chaos i caused.


Hey Joris,

Admin consensus is to  accept this appeal. While it seems like you didn’t have malicious intent here, please understand the cargo shuttle is critical to cargo’s entire function. If it is disabled, cargo ceases to function properly and we can’t allow this to happen for the sake of a different shuttle project. Your rolebans should be lifted shortly. Have fun.

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