Banned from wizards den lizard for hateful comments against furries

My account name is Jeebus0. I was banned from on Wizards den lizard (US west). For some reason there were furries around which was never the case before. I went to medical where a couple of people were beating a furry and commenting on their weird habits so I joined in. At this point it would be a good idea to mention that I was warned for saying hateful comments on any group of people. After that I was banned. The only chance of getting unbanned is to submit an appeal so thats what I am doing. I do realise what I did was an overeaction but it wont change what I think about furries. If someone reading this does unban me I will hold off on any hate. Altough if I find out a furry is on the server looking for ERP I will report them aswell as comment on how disgusting it is.

Please read this post and use the template in it for your appeal:

From Rejected to Ban Appeals