Banned on Wizard's Den Lizard

SS14 account username: CrackaJackJoe
Ban reason: “Datacenter. Appeal @
Date of ban: No idea
Length of ban: Appeal only 
Events leading to the ban: I don’t have any actual idea
Reason the ban should be removed: I would very much just like to know why I was banned and how I could avoid it in the future, I truly am sorry I did something wrong. I’ve only played this game for about 9 hours, and am still getting used to it. So if you may please tell me what I did. Thank you. 

Datacenter bans are bans that encompass a range of IPs that have been abused by those attempting to evade bans. Turning off your VPN should enable you to connect.

To clarify, this is not a ban targeting your specific account. This appeal will be closed.

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