[Banning Admin Moony] - Fried_Water1/ not steven

SS14 account: Fried_Water1
Character name: I don’t remember the name was auto generated 
When was the ban: bout a month ago or so, I wasn’t sure how to appeal bans and then forgot about this for a while 
Server you were playing on when banned: wizard’s den lizard
Your side of the story: first ban: minor griefing(breaking lights, ect) I got put on timeout and never told that I couldn’t leave, so next morning when I logged on I was banned. Second time was a drone grief(outer window if you must know) this was for a petty reason, some jerk was smashing drones in the hallway by cargo so I decided he needed to learn a lesson. Third time was a case of self-antag when I put a AFK sciguy into the testing chamber and performed some experiments.
Why you think you should be unbanned: after a months of logging onto empty servers and being bored and tired of not seeing another human. I think that I learned that there are consciences to my actions and I will get extra banned if I don’t follow the rules. also about the ahelps I don’t think I ever left early and if I did It was probably a mistake on my part when I thought that the Admin was done and just logged off, sorry. I won’t play dones again too, they’re not ever fun anymore since the changes. Lastly the timeout thing I was never told you couldn’t leave during them I just thought it was some sort of ban(I was a new player at the time) the admin never explained that to me. most of the bans were probably fair a few I would argue with but they were “learning experiences ” as most call such events. now after all that lets move on to value to the community first I would like to show you a quick paper I made after a discussion on discord about the chain of command here, the value I provide may be minimal but I believe that there is no reason to judge a person on current value and instead judge on there future growth. after all that is the reason for this appeal is it not?
Anything else we should know: I have suffered for what seems like eternity without being able to play on the main server and I believe this feeling of boredom, loneliness  and the five stages of grief,(hehehe get the pun?(it wasn’t intentional)). 

well after reading that short unedited essay on why I should get a second chance, I believe you can spare the time to forgive my trespasses and unban me.

thank you sincerely,

not steven

You’ve been on good behavior elsewhere from what I can tell. Could’ve appealed much earlier even. Unbanned.

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