[Banning Admin unknown] - One True Jesuslav#1612

Discord account: One True Jesuslav#1612
Commonly used names: I used to go by Slavic Lettuce (the name of my SS14 account)
Ban reason: There was a mess of people pinging player roles, so as a joke I pinged like 3 people.
When was the ban: I believe a few months ago.
Your side of the story: I saw it at the time funny to ping like 3 people because of others pinging the player role.
Why you think you should be unbanned: I do think I deserved a temporary ban, a kick, or a temporary mute. I know what I did was stupid and not funny. Though I do think that a perma ban was unnecessary. I would like to rejoin the server so I can continue to watch the game progress and maybe in the future join in a game.


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