Batuh_n - Banned for forcefeeding and threatening with bomb

SS14 account: Batuh_n

Character name: Charlie Smoothy

Type of Ban:  game ban and also scientist job ban I guess

Date of Ban and Duration: 3 day game ban, today

Reason for Ban: “Forcefeeding people vomit pills and threatening to blow up medical as non-antag sci.”

Server name: Lizard

Your side of the story: Yesterday or other day, as sci I was trying pills that makes your vomit explode. I was asking people if they want it or not. Then I tried adding foam to it and it worked so today I joined as sci and tried doing foam pill, then tested it myself. Then I saw it working at later of game I asked people if they want or not and gave a clown pill to use it on people later. In bar, I asked a guy if he wants or not, then gave him. So it maked it vomit and when he vomitted, that maked big foams and that also maked other 4-5 people vomit. So I thought it is cool and maked 5 more pills. Instead of asking people I forcefeeded human and lizards (I didn’t feed the slime people because I tried it on myself and it melts me so since it is not harmful for humans and lizards excluding it making them hungry and thirsty, I thought it should be fine).

Then I got sick, I was getting shocked and my health was getting worse and I was breaking the beakers that I have on my hand when I get shocked. So I went to medbay and saw chemists making drugs instead of medicines so I got mad and went back to science and asked for a bomb to scientist (I was RD) and got it from him. Then went to chemist and said I will blow them up if they don’t make medicines. Then one of them said the drug makers were dead and he was making medicine. Then I said okay (I wasn’t thinking about blowing them even if they were making spacedrugs instead of medicines) and got back to science. Then saw scientist making medicine, so I drinked it and went back. I decided to forcefeed a person. I tried to forcefeed a clown, failed and tried to forcefeed a lizard. Then saw him vomitting foam and vomiting again because of foam and making foam again. Then at some point clown came and started stabbing me so I got the bomb out of my backpack and activated but fell to ground without throwing. So it exploded in my hand but didn’t make that much of damage. Then I got banned. The total of people I forcefeed should be like 3-4 people.

Why you think you should be unbanned: About foam vomit pills, I wanted to forcefeed people the new pill that I found. It was funny for me to feed it to them, it might be a bit annoying for them but it was funny for me. Since I knew it doesn’t do physical damage to them and effects went in like 10 seconds, I didn’t think it would be againt rules. I didn’t get warned or something about it.

About the chemist threat, they weren’t making any medicine for people so I got a bomb, put it in my backpack and told them to make medicine or I will blow them. Since there won’t be anyone that will get damaged or die, I thought that this is fine. It is not griefing, RDM or something, it isn’t in rules, so I didn’t know I would get punished.

3 day game-ban is fine but I think I got a job ban and job bans are usually perma. I really want to get unbanned from sci because I want to play it in future.

So let me get this straight

You went around and forcefed multiple people extremely dangerous explosive vomit pills without asking them. You threatened to bomb the medical department. You did all of this as a non-antag. You did all of this knowing that it was not fun to be on the recipient of. And then you asked an admin for help when you got stabbed to death for doing it.

8 minutes ago, Batuh_n said:

About foam vomit pills, I wanted to forcefeed people the new pill that I found. It was funny for me to feed it to them, it might be a bit annoying for them but it was funny for me.

This is commonly referred to as being a dick, being a bully, or being a griefer. All three of which are not permitted here.

This appeal is denied. You will not be getting unbanned from science any time soon. I am extending your jobban to cover chemistry as well. You have no sense that you did anything wrong.

Your next ban will be voucher-only. You are playing with 64 other people. You are expected to not make their lives hell.

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