Ben_Carlson's Ban appeal Stealth_16

server Lizard

Player name Ben Carlson

Account name Ben_Carlson

When was the ban as i am writing this it just happened


Man i love doing this everytime.So Why am i here. well i was roleplaying that i was “Specisist” against slimes. i would under stand this ban as racist if we were talking about real races here not made up game races. i was told that people in ooc told me to stop i did not see it might have been but i did not see it. the in ic i do not remember again might have been.

I would understand this if it was a race that was in the real world but well. And if we are talking about “racism” on in game races i have ahd my fair share of people being racist towards me for being a Lizard and not once has there been any thing like this gotta love it.

either way now i know dont roleplay that you are "racist’ towards made up races i wont do it again. Also if you dont want people doing this maybe add it to the rules that you cant do this to in game races.

Have nice day.

my spleeing and grammar is still bad so sorry.

Clearly did not read the rules on joining then. There is a rule specifically against bigotry and we’re pretty clear this includes speciesism (rules will now be amended to make this plain and clear), as this is another outlet for peoples hate. At the end of the day people want to play the game to escape real life, not get abused. Even without being bigoted you’d still be breaking rule 1.

This is also your second perma in a month. Not a good look.

in a month? it was a month ago or more i understand that yes ok dont do that anymore. i have not seen speciesism under the rules i understand now that yes dont do it. and if i can be honest i dont come from a english speaking country and i had no idea waht bigotry meant. Now i know and im sorry although i think this could have been resolved better either with a non perma ban or with a warning. it is kinda hard to escape the real life as you said if there are too many rules or if the punishment is too harsh. And im not saying there should not be rules im just saying it would be easier for everyone if these punishments were not so harsh. After all i think everyone wants to ahve fun but sometimes people make mistakes and i did not know that speciesism was a rule. i would be happy with a non perma ban maybe a week or 2.


I know im repeating this too much but if the rules are too harsh it starts too feel like real life and it will be quite hard to escape.

26 minutes ago, Ben_Carlson said:

it would be easier for everyone if these punishments were not so harsh

Actually, most of our community feels differently. A lot of our most prominent players are feeling that the admin team hasn’t been harsh enough when dealing with people who break the rules, and that players who repeatedly break the rules are often given too much leniency.

During peak hours we frequently have 70+ people online concurrently. If one player is being belligerent in radio chat, spamming incoherent, bigoted remarks, they are spamming them to 70 people. I had multiple people report what you were saying in chat, and multiple people ask you to stop both in character and out of character. I cannot stress this enough-  you were actively hurting the enjoyment of a sizeable portion of the players online.

So the dilemma is: do we prioritize giving you another chance when you just demonstrated that you do not listen to other players’ requests to knock it off, in hopes that you will change your behavior? Or do we prioritize the rest of the players who just want to play a round without someone spamming “all slimes are bad”? Our administrative policy prioritizes the latter and I agree with it.

Do you disagree with this view?

i will say this with pure honesty at the start i was doing it in local only then some dude put a handheld radio near me i idid not notice then when i did i made the mistake where i putit on radio and well. i understand that yes other people are there too but there is also amny people who do worse things. i promise i will do no more such tom foolery and this will not repeat i hope you understand.



and like i said i did not notice anyone saying it. which is a bad on my part but i did not notice


This ban will stay in place. You may only re-appeal with a voucher of good behavior from another SS13 or SS14 server.

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