BendoKenobi Sent a Link through fax

Ban reason: Sent a Hentia link in fax to cap about moths
Length of ban: not sure, probaly perma
Events leading to the ban: I was sending cap messages through fax about there fluffy neck, eventualy sent moth hentia
Reason the ban should be removed: Ive been faxed it before and seen it in books so I thought it was okay. I will not do it again.

In game name is Ben-Nova Laxnobie


besides the weak excuse of not getting banned for it sooner at what point did you think it was a good idea and you should send an e-hentai link over fax to annoy whoever was getting it

My excuse wasnt that I havnt been banned for it sooner, it was I have been sent it before and opened books that had links of it before. I realize it wasnt the smartest move and simply thought it was funny in the moment given the situation. I have read the rules thoroughly and will not be making dumb mistakes like this again. Also I find your reply a little rude. I do understand that what I did was against the rules and will not do it again.

I find your excuse a tad hard to believe given that our rules clearly, at the top, say “no sexual themes/content/etc” and you posted explicit sexual themes/content/ect.

Regardless of my excuse, I do promise not to do it again and I have fully re read the rules so that I can avoid breaking any other rules in the future. I will do my best to make smarter judgnment calls.

To avoid a full voucher ban I suggest you observe the following:

  • Stop being weird and sending weird faxes about moth fluff to people. Act like a human being, stop harassing other players with moth-related faxes to try and get a reaction out of them. And no, don’t just switch your faxing to a different topic and continue to try and annoy people with weird faxes.
  • Stop over-escalating or self-antagonizing. I am looking at seven notes in the last month, four of them relating to attacking people with little provocation or trying to break into secure areas for no reason.
  • It should not have to be explained why sending links to porn sites to other players will result in your permanent removal.

You are on thin ice. Accepted.

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