Benson - zero-tolerance language

SS14 account username: benson
Ban reason: Calling someone a rapist, language against zero-tolerance rules.
Date of ban: 6/22/23
Length of ban: Indefinite
Events leading to the ban: Some guy was harrassing me and I fought back. He got downed and I got arrested for it later. Then he kept harrassing me through the window of my cell, telling me to kill myself. I assume that language is IC and ok to say as such. Anyway I wanted to get him in trouble as well and possibly get myself out of the cell, so I started talking a lot of shit about him. I did call him a rapist and it was on the radio. I did not mean to radio it, just say it in local chat, so that was a huge mistake as well as using that word.
Reason the ban should be removed: The ban is fair sure. I had glossed over the ERP rule, thinking it just means not to ERP, but even mentioning anything sexual falls under that so I am aware of that now. I think the ban should be removed because it’s not something I will do a second time. It won’t happen again or be an issue in the future.

The game admin team has decided to accept this appeal

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