[Berithpy] - [Obvious griefing of substatiosn and general unwillingness to cooperate with anyone. You may appeal this ban on the SpaceStation 14 official forums.]

SS14 account username: berithpy

Ban reason: Obvious griefing of substatiosn and general unwillingness to cooperate with anyone. You may appeal this ban on the SpaceStation 14 official forums.

Date of ban: 6/22/2023

Length of ban: undetermined

Events leading to the ban: I was playing an engineering role @ Lizard, don’t remember exactly which role, we were building singulo and the Chief Engineer came in and stowed away the PA computer for singulo in his office, when we asked for a reason he said that the black hole always destroys the station, I argued with him that i’ve built it many times and he said that it always destroys half the station, when we were talking, he picked up a drill and attacked me, and they left running afterwards, after a while me and another engineer got the parts for singulo still, because we wanted to play the game, which parts of the game is role playing and building singulo as an engineer atleast, after we built the pa the CE caught us redhanded and I scaped, as a protest I dissasembled a substation and tried to sell it to cargo, I couldnt do it so I went back to engineering and tried to build singulo one last time, when the CE caught me and killed me, he sent me to med bay and prision, whe I got to the prision, i was being held with handcuffs and there werent any free prision cells, so they hold me outside of the prision for a while, in the meantime I reported the CE to the admins for self antag, because I couldn’t find any other reason, and then I was banned.

Reason the ban should be removed: I’m a new player, and convinced many friends to also play the game, I would like to continue to play with my friends,at the time I didn’t think that any that I was doing was a bannable offense, I wasn’t trying to sabotage but I understand how my actions could be seen that way. If im unbanned I will try to not roleplay as hard, i don’t know how to put it but I felt like what I was doing was in character


Annotation 2023-06-22 203714.jpg

Also, I’d like to add that I wasn’t the only one having issues with CE, im not sure if there is a way to get the logs or the chats but maybe theres a way to check it.

Hi, the primary reason this ban was made appeal only was due to you consistently trying to blame the administrator handling your issue as “covering for the CE” or outright accusing the administrator of being the CE. The administrator was not involved in this situation in the slightest as a player and administrators are strictly forbidden from both playing the round and handling administrative issues at the same time to prevent this exact kind of scenario you thought had happened.


The Chief Engineer aboard the station is your boss when you are playing a role in the Engineering department. The Chief Engineer is reasonable in requesting or preventing you from setting up the gravitational singularity due to safety concerns, especially if the station is already stable on power. Continually trying to defy them and then outright trying to sabotage substations and power around the station in protest of them isn’t doing anything but screwing over completely unrelated players as you make their departments and substations inoperable. You have plenty of other things to do as an Engineer, or you can just request transfer to a different department if you don’t like your boss instead of actively making everything worse because you didn’t get your way.

I understand, I’m not trying to justify my actions, I see how they are seen and if I’m unbanned I will never question the authority of a command user again, I thought that I was ok acting in role as a disgruntled employee that was attacked for voicing their opinion.

At the same time I reported something that I thought was fishy and in return instead of a conversation I was accused of somethings that I did, and “messing with singulo” which as I explained in my appeal, it was me trying to build it, I understand how it was wrong now.

I was the CE or “command officer” as he called me that round. I did not want the singularity to start mainly because he didn’t even know how to set it up properly and almost caused a singuloose but also because the extra power was really not necessary and singularity was not necessary at all. I told him one time to not set it up, even took his PA control computer. He built another one right after I did that. The reason I critted you (not with the intention to outright kill you and round remove you, no) is because waiting for an officer to arrive was just asking for you to escape again. I already warned you the first time and you should have listened yet you went out of your way to build the PA control computer again. I warned that you’d get demoted if you tried anything and you should have listened like your lizard friend did. I don’t understand what you gained from this at all. Why did you go out of your way to rebuild the PA computer? What did you gain from it? You wanted the destruction of the station and ending the round prematurely due to poorly setting up the singularity containment field? Getting banned either way for actually self antagging? Next time, please think logically and listen to your supervisors like you actually should.

Also, for your claims of “successfully building singularity”, you forgot the most important step. The wiring of the PA itself. I find that really funny.

The parts were wired, it got bugged as it gets sometimes when the pa computer gets removed, we didn’t cause singuloose and we werent close to, the PA wasn’t detecting the parts as it sometimes happen, again, im not trying to justify my actions. The lizard guy isn’t my friend, we just wanted to build singulo, I didn’t want to destroy the station, I wanted to play the game thats all, the containment field was properly setup as well.
Besides all of this that you are mentioning about a round that has been over for more than 12 hours, you are forgetting to mention that you attacked me when things were amicable, which is the whole reason for my sublevation.
All that being said, I understand how to “roleplay” better now, I will not commit the same mistake again, this being my first and only mistake being an indefinite ban seems like a bit excessive, and it also seems like theres a bit of ego in play here, it sucks that some people can’t let go.

Alright, fair enough. We’ll accept this appeal.

You can question your supervisor; we just take issue with it when you take your personal grievances with them out on the infrastructure everyone else needs to survive. Your ban will be lifted.

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