Berkay - lot of self antag,stabbing a officer,cutting wires.My fourth appeal after 2 month waiting

SS14 account: Berkay
Character name: Johny Albarado
Type of Ban: Perma ban
Date of Ban and Duration: 3 month before
Reason for Ban:  lot of self antag,stabbing a officer,cutting wires
Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard
Your side of the story:Hi,I am back 2 month later.This my fourth appeal as requested.At my last game I am accused as wire cutter from my work mates.I was doctor.1-2 min later wires at morgue are fixed and we give up to find who did the sabotage.At late game 2 sec officer asked me to search my bag and I said okey.They found kitchen knife and they started to beat me to death,I am escaped to mains and attacked one officer with knife.After a little fight they arrested me and gave me 4 min.After 2 min admin perma banned me.

Hey Berkay,

Consensus is to deny this appeal, again. I think you have a significant language barrier that prevents you from communicating effectively with other players and administrators and this appeal fails to address any elements of your ban or reassure us it won’t happen again. I also checked the logs and found you did indeed cut some wires in the morgue for reasons I can’t decipher from a quick look at the logs alone.

Appeal again in a month.

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