Berkay - lot of self antag,stabbing a officer,cutting wires.My third appeal as requested

SS14 account: Berkay
Character name: Johny Albarado
Type of Ban: Perma ban
Date of Ban and Duration: 2 week before
Reason for Ban:  lot of self antag,stabbing a officer,cutting wires
Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard
Your side of the story:I was in the role of a doctor and there was someone else cutting the wires. My teammates thought I was cutting the wires, so they called security and tried to arrest me. So I ran away and started cutting the wires of the morgue. This incident was forgotten within 3 minutes Later.Another sec guy and his friend told me they should search me. They tried to hit me with a stun baton and handcuff me while they were searching me,I am did not resist at first. So I pulled my knife and attacked them. The detective who saw the incident told me that there was no problem, I would only spend 5 minutes in prison, and then the admin texted me in jail and said explain I tried to explain but I couldnt because english is not my first language and there is a lot of thing happened.

You just copy pasted your previous appeal again.

You can appeal in a month. Denied.

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