Berndlauert88 - self antagging against sec, forum spam

SS14 account username: berndlauert88
Ban reason: “repeated self antagonism especially against security in the last two weeks, all around undelightful to play with, then going to the forums to post garbage, appeal only”
Date of ban: sun 21/05/2023, about 09:00 PM (if time in forum is UTC, else 7PM cause UTC +2 here)
Length of ban: at first wed, 24.05.2023 05:55 PM UTC, afterwards appeal only
Events leading to the ban:

The first time i can still remember getting an angry admin message was, when i played as a character named “Walter Black”. After a while in the round i got a request to change my name from an admin, because the name was inspired by Walter White from the show Breaking Bad.

I played as sec cadet or secoff (dont remember anymore), minded my business, looked for crimes and after a while of roaming around i saw a clown killing someone else in the dorms i guess, so i batoned and cuffed him, reported the crime on sec radio iirc. Then spiders attacked the station, while i was dragging the clown to sec a spider critted/killed the clown in the hallways, before i was able to kill the spider. Its a little foggy after that, but i shoved the clown in a locker in the room, in which he muredered the other person and left him there.
Afterwards i got a message asking to explain myself etc… Got a 3 day sec only role ban, i had to go and didnt answer ahelp anymore, also couldn’t read it as i got back, a server restart happened. Found out about the ban later in the discord help channel.

Was talking to sec for whatever and i tried to insult a secoff with saying “suck my dick”, which resulted in a message accusing me of ERP.

Another sec game, arrested someone who was shooting detective, permabrigged him and after a while was joking around a little with another secoff, visiting him in perma, growing and eating weed together. Before or after that i was giving him some flashbangs. Either shortly before or after the shuttle was called, i took him out of perma, so he was loose in security (didnt cuff him or whatever), still couldnt get out easily, though possibly and also thats when i made the impression of wanting to let him out entirely and i got another angry admin message.

Now to the game in which i actually got banned…At the start of the shift i was the only engineer (2 atmos aswell, though they were busy and didnt even answer radio). I made the decision to break into the CE room, break the locker and equip myself with CE gear, to make it a little faster. I didn’t ask HoP for permission. When i was roaming around maints with no actual purpose rn, the hos/warden(?) appeared and arrested me instantly, bringing me to sec. I got a reasonable, maybe even short sentence and got out again, but didn’t get my pda and ID back, also not my bag (which didnt have any CE gear inside iirc, just had the belt+suit for solars). I went to HoP to ask for a new, or rather my old ID from sec and we together, after no one answered his radio calls, went to sec to get the stuff. Though i got my ID back, i didn’t get my bag. Rather than doing my job again, i just went nuts on sec, welding doors, punching secoffs in front of sec, until i got arrested again, repeated that, got put in perma. In perma i tried to break out, later killed myself because i wanted to observe.

This then led to me getting a ahelp message and i should get a sec/command/clown/mime appeal role ban, but i did continously annoy the admin in ahelp and then got a temp game ban until wed, 24.05.2023 05:55 PM UTC.

After that i went to the forum and posted a new topic in ban appeals, which had the title “You suck” and content “Fuck the form”…obviously got denied and then led to me getting a appeal only game ban.

Reason the ban should be removed:

So, about that character named “Walter Black”…I thought it deviated enough from the actual name and changed it after i got the request to do so, also i stopped playing the character entirely a little later. I learned from it and tried to put more care in my character names.

The shift in which i put the dead clown in the locker was one of my first sec shifts, i probably even was a cadet. I went to med with the clown, but there weren’t many doctors and they couldn’t fix the clown up. I just thought that it would be fine to get rid of the clown, because i was pretty new. I didn’t make that specific mistake again afterwards, also stopped playing sec for a while (because of the ban, but still after that) to get a better knowledge of the game and be able to treat the prisoners better, whenever i am sec again.

When i was called out for ERP, because i insulted the secoff, i didn’t intent it as ERP at all and i guess it usually wouldn’t get interpreted like that either. Though it was still meant to insult a secoff, while i wasn’t antag and just made unnecessary trouble, contributing to my trace of self antagonism. I somewhat apologized, at least admitted my error to the admin in ahelp and then proceeded to not use any possibly ERP related sayings again.

Whenever i let the prisoner out of perma, i admit that it was stupid and shouldn’t have happened. The reasons i can give are, that me and another secoff were playing around a little with him, though the other secoff was far from helping the prisoner and that i was bored, somewhat lost the focus in the shift, didn’t know what was going on overall, warden was on the station, but has never really shown up in sec, i had a hard time to be a better secoff than in my other game, where i disposed the clown. I wanted to listen more to the heads in regards of sentences and like general orders, but as said, warden wasn’t there and hos/det just said i should work indepent/just decide for myself whom to arrest and for what long. Doesn’t make up the stupid decision later, but i just thought it wouldn’t matter to have a little fun, cause everything else seemed pretty fucked already. I did my job poorly and was pretty much done with playing sec for a long while, because it seems that sec just isn’t for me.

Taking the CE gear, though i was the only engineer, wasn’t allowed without hop, probably even captains permission and sec had every right to arrest me, i got pretty mad at hos/warden, who arrested me, because i didn’t even get any notice before, i would’ve returned the gear and thought i was right in that situation, which just wasn’t the case. Besides the fact that i thought it was somewhat unjustified to arrest me, i also didn’t get any gear or id back until i got hop to help me. After that i actually finally should’ve fucked off from sec and gone back to work, but i just went nuts over and over again, because i was mad. The only reason why sec might have been somewhat in the wrong is, that i didn’t get any water in perma, because hos took the bucket out and i couldn’t use the water tank, didn’t get my id back immediately and was left dead in perma for quite a long time, though it’s not even a little in proportion to what i did to sec. Also there are more important matters than a suicidal prisoner, which wouldn’t have been let out anymore no matter what, so i clearly was entirely in the wrong.

These were the reasons leading to the appeal role ban for sec/command/clown/mime i can think of right now.

I generally was pretty stressed out and tired that day, also was already playing the whole day and more than likely should’ve taken a break to clear my mind. But this wasn’t the only shift were i was self antagging, so theres more to it than that.
Generally i would say that i learned from every warning or sentence i got earlier and didn’t repeat the (specific) error anymore, i sure think that i will behave more accordingly in the future. I put a lot of thought in what i did wrong and how i can improve, formost just simply behave accordingly to the rules, especially in the matter of self antagging. But also just overall act more appropriate to my role and stop being such an obnoxious asshole.
My greatest argument i can think of is that this wasn’t intended as a game ban to begin with. The actual gameplay just would’ve led to a role ban, while the game ban only happened because of reasons outside of the game.
Speaking of them i actually can only explain the annoyance in ahelp and the forum post with me being entirely out of my mind already and then just thinking of reasons why i am not wrong, getting more mad etc… in the end somewhat selfantagging myself you could say.

Thats it i guess. If you don’t mind, i would be interested in seeing if there are any notes or somethin about myself, maybe i forgot a ahelp message if it was even earlier or whatever, it sure would help me to improve in the future.
Also i apologize for any typos and wrong grammar stuff, i’m not a native speaker.


The admin team has decided to not accept this appeal. You can appeal again after at least 2 weeks.

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