Berniesandler - Discord Ban

Discord account: berniesandler (old style discord handle is Bernie_Sandler#1717)
Date of ban: I’m not sure when this actually happened, probably in the last day or so, I noticed it whenever I got home from work.
Events leading to the ban: I’m most certain the only thing I posted was my username in the MRP whitelist section.
Reason the ban should be removed: I just recently got into ss14 and I fell in love, I’ve taken steps to change my characters name from “Bernie Sandler”, a typical handle I use. But I’ve since changed to a more RP suitable “Manley Price” and have taken up the practice of space law. After that I’ve had no issues with anyone so far and I’ve been playing everything by the book. The only thought I have to the ban is that my discord profile was deemed inappropriate, either the picture I have or the status message. If this is the issue can I easily fix this and do apologize.

The final sentence is supposed to read that I can fix it, not can I. I was also notified in game through aHelp that it was due to my profile picture.

Fair enough. Your profile picture was extremely suggestive and we have minors on the server. Please change it if you intend on rejoining the discord. Accepted.

From Accepted to Ban Appeals

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