Big_Ounce - The Tale Of A Fatal Chat Message

SS14 account username: Big_Ounce
Ban reason:  "“Nigavirus”"Ban Reason.png
Date of ban: 29/03/2023
Length of ban: Permanent 
Events leading to the ban:  In medbay, Sick, Unable to do anything stuck in bed

think, ‘clown’ ‘juggalow’, ‘jigalow’, unable to do anything,
virus make me  jigalow!!, TISM ACTIVATED Jiga.png

clown chat time, JIGAVIRUS ON BOURD, Chat goes crazy, Look at chat,
 :O one of the misclicks of all time, Miraculously i get up and Fly away.

Reason the ban should be removed: I understand the reason for banning but permanently thats, something. i feel as a long time player this  infraction that could be considered minor should not end my ss14 experience

Me immediately (and carefully) trying to correct the mistake 

Administrator consensus is to accept this appeal. I would caution you even against using the word you were going to use due to the last part of the definition you provided. I trust we will not have the same issue. This ban will be lifted.

From Accepted to Ban Appeals