I did some volunteer work for the paradise SS13 server and a lot of hours behind the scenes as well as in game. Well passed 40

Please fill out the following template for your application:

Are you over 18: Yes
In-game Username: Cid Hightide
Discord username: BionicTide | 167181810#2933
Characters you play: Any role in medical, Any role in cargo, Any role in science, Captain, Sec, really anything now that I think about it.
How long have you been playing SS13 or SS14? I played SS13 for many years, mostly playing on paradise server and did a lot of server reworks and editing for many servers, only admin’d when I had to.

How many hours are you available per day:
Days you are available on: I am a retired and disabled Air Force Veteran and part time game dev, my schedule is busy but very flexible. I’m always here in a pinch, even if I’m doing something else I’m still at the PC.

Prior administration experience (SS13 experience recommended). Please also post a way for us to verify this:

I have prior administration experience on a lot of game servers like Ark, Conan, SS13, Valheim ect and I run a small team of inde developers for mobile games, should be plenty content on my twitch of same name still I believe.
Have you been banned from our game servers or SS13 servers before?


This is the more essay-y part of the application, you should answer the following questions in detail, so we can get a better idea of how you’d approach adminning.

What role do you think game admins serve on our servers?

Game admins in general are usually not seen nor heard until requested but SS13/14 being such a complex game with many complicated mechanics and loosely enforced roleplay I see admins are understandably more there for FAQs and making sure roleplay is enforced to a degree as well as ensuring a positive game experience for all those involved whether that’s removing problems or creating them.

How do you feel about the current roleplay status on the server?

I like it. I felt some stations like Paradise at times were too strict where some others like goon were too wild. If you want to go mainstream (like becoming a steam game) however niche, you need to bend a little to allow players to ease into the mindset while maintaining a positive environment. I feel it could use a little more RP but it will get there at it’s own pace as more people from outside of BYOND become familiar with the game. It’s still young but heading in a good direction, the community thus far has been great at helping it stay the course.

Why do you want to become an administrator for SS14?

I really enjoyed playing and working on this title as SS13 and always hoped one day it would make it off of the BYOND platform to stay relevant. I’m glad it has and would like to contribute any way I can to help it continue to grow in a positive direction. Administration is the least I can contribute but I would be happy to do so as needed. I am also here regardless of the status of this application for support from a programming and game development stance point as needed. Like I said I am happy to help any way I can as SS13/14 is kind of a passion project that got me back into game development after my accident.

I’d like to see you become more active in the discord before making you trial admin, given how you have zero messages in it. The game admins also report not having seen you alot ingame, which either means you didn’t act up at all or you aren’t as active their either, i don’t know.

Either way, feel free to apply again once you’ve gotten a bit more active :slight_smile:

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