Blew up AME and left - Zanfee

SS14 account: Zanfee

Character name: Vodka gorbatschow

Type of Ban: Game

Date of Ban and Duration: 12.09.2022 - Perma ban

Reason for Ban: “Blew up AME and left”

Server you were playing on when banned:  Lizard 

Your side of the story: So I was playing engineer and blew up AME.  I set AME to a value higher than 4 and it blew. So I got teached this game by a friend and by people playing the game and at that moment I thought AME only blows up if the value goes over 8. After setting AME up I went into a locker room since I needed to go for 10 min and I wanted to be saved from People trying to steal my equipment. After I got back I saw that I was banned permanently. Since I read the ban message and I knew I did something to AME I read the wiki ( which said that AME usually blows up at 10 but then I ask a friend who said that if less than 4 cores are active you cant put AME to 8. So after knowing that I came here to write an appeal and apology. I apologies for blowing it up and I now know the consequences of ruining the game for other engies.  

Why you think you should be unbanned: I think I should be unbanned since like I said in “Your side of the story”  I didnt know it would blow up. If the admin reading this thinks I still should be punished, the admin can do so but please not permanently. This is because I adore this community and Game. I started playing last friday and already sank 15 hours into this game

Anything else we should know: This is my first ban I normally play 2 characters one named Jim Gordon ( before named marshal Justice) who is a Head of security and Vodka Gorbatschow who is a CE or a normal engineer. I played engies for a while and I saw AME´s blow up often and I again apolgies for ruining the game.

The appeal nature of the ban here is primarily for leaving after the ahelp. You obviously understand what you did wrong (and it wasnt a major offense) so this will be lifted.

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