[Bobbybigplays] - [circumventing a ban]

Posted October 26, 2022 (edited)

= For game bans =

1 - SS14 account: BobbybigpIays

2 - Character name: Azeel-Milos i think ?

3 - Type of Ban: permanent if i read it correctly

4 - Date of Ban and Duration: somewhere in October last year

5 - Reason for Ban: First for ‘‘roleplay with deadly outcome’’ 1 day, then i tried to go around it and got an indefinite ban.

6 - Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard US West

7 - Your side of the story: I didn’t like that i was banned so i tried to make a 2nd account and it backfired. Like a dingus.

8 - Why you think you should be unbanned: I served my time and learned more about the game and some of the mechanics in my absence

9 - Anything else we should know: Not really, i just didn’t agree with it back then and instead of arguing i just wanted to play. I was really angry back then then since i didnt expect to be banned for a little roleplay. I mean we all killed that guy but the round ended 1 min later so no real harm was done to anyone even if he was angry about it. i am however not angry anymore though. Lesson learned i suppose.

Heya its me again, after putting about half a year on top of your set time from my last appeal i decided to try SS14 again and hope maybe i get accepted now ? I adjusted my old appeal a little but it is safe to say that after a year i return humbled.


Hope this doesn’t count as peanut posting. But I did notify Checkraze - the server owner of frontier of this players request for a voucher. So they may receive one from him as well

It would be a conflict of interest to accept a voucher for a user where the voucher is being provided by someone who is currently (or is/would be very recently) voucher banned. We would prefer a voucher from either Checkraze or whomever else would represent Frontier Station’s administrative team. 

Feel free to appeal again when a voucher meeting the above requirements can be provided.

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