Bobthesledder - Antag rolling

Ban reason: “Antag rolling”
Length of ban: 10,800 minutes
Events leading to the ban: I have no context to add because I didn’t antag roll? If someone could point out exactly when I did: “ghost or suicide from your role if you do not get antagonist”, I would really appreciate it. 
Reason the ban should be removed: didn’t antag roll

You have show an exclusive and distinct pattern of:

  • Joining a server
  • Observing the round
  • Checking for antagonist-based ghost roles (ex: holopara, reinforcement)
  • Leaving if one is not available and joining another server to do the same

You have also shown the tendency to attempt to join a round with all of your job preferences set to “Never”, but having your traitor preferences (specifically nuclear operative) enabled. If you are returned to lobby, you will hunt for antagonist ghost roles. The only reason we can surmise you are joining with no job preferences is to attempt to roll nuclear operative instead of playing the game normally.

Administrative consensus is that this pretty squarely constitutes antag-rolling. You also have pages upon pages of notes for self-antagonism and questionable antagonist play.

Denied. You can wait your ban out.

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