Bonmeere - ban reason "Bye." (talking about ban evasion maybe?)

SS14 account: bonmeere

Character name: Willy Hoover (I think? auto generated)

Type of Ban: Game ban

Date of Ban and Duration: Permanent

Reason for Ban: Bye.

Server you were playing on when banned: Wizard’s Den Lizard [US West]

Your side of the story: I’m not sure exactly why I was banned but I suspect it is because I was engaging in a discussion on the topic of ban evasion with someone who logged on with the user name “Im_back” (or something similar) who was boasting about ban evading and that mods are unable to stop him. I’ve never attempted to ban evade on SS14 but, many years back when I played SS13, I experimented with HWID spoofers entirely as an academic exercise as I was curious as to how the SS13 ban system worked (NOT to actively evade a ban). Unfortunately I suspect the moderator or administrator was under the impression that I actively try to evade real bans. So, just to reiterate I am NOT a ban evader - just a nerd.

EDIT: This is the guy that I engaged in discussion with - I see they just made a thread (note I do NOT know this individual): the only amount of power they will ever have in their lives - Ban Appeals - Space Station 14 Forums

The only other thing that I think may have caused upset is that I’ve been experimenting with the chemistry system on SS14 - specifically I was curious if chemicals mixed when ingested. I made a potassium pill, a water pill and warned the other chem in the lab that I was going to try an experiment and requested that they take me to a doctor if it went wrong. The resulting explosion was a little larger than inspected but only caused superficial damage to the lab (everyone mostly unharmed and no damaged equipment). I was not part of whatever blew up/spaced most of medbay shortly after. I was fully transparent with my experiment with the other chemist and again this was purely about playing with SS14’s chem system. I tried injecting reagents before but nothing happened so wanted to see what happens if ingested.

Why you think you should be unbanned: I’m becoming increasingly active on the servers and have started to really get into both the roleplaying aspects and experimenting with the creativity potential of the engine. I would like to think that I’m just about starting to engage in the community and hope to start using the forums & Steam community to help SS14 (and its community) grow. If the ban was for the discussion on ban evading I think this is a misunderstanding as it was not something I was actually doing - I won’t talk about this again if it’s problematic also. If the ban was for the minor potassium/water pill explosion then I am sorry and it was purely experimenting and will do it in a safer location in the future (or not at all if its preferred).

Anything else we should know: Nothing else to add at this stage other than thank you for your consideration and apologies for any inconvenience I have caused.

Thank you for explaining, I’ll let you back in. Just cleaning up a mess at the moment.

From Accepted to Ban Appeals