borging by inability to consent

in the Command & Security will be reasonable with punishments section of rules # 9 states

“Any prisoner may be borged with their consent. Borging may be offered as an alternative to execution, but cannot be forced if the prisoner is able to consent.”

the second line states “cannot be forced if the prisoner is able to consent”

which gives 3 scenarios

is able to but doesn’t: doesn’t get borged

is able to and does: does get borged

and the situation I’m concerned about - is unable to consent. as the current wording implies that if they are unable to consent they could be forced to borg; is this true in the intention of the rules or just the wording?

You’re right that’s the current intended interpretation:

If they’re able to consent, they can choose to not be borged. If they can’t consent, you can borg them.

Hopefully it’s obvious, but you shouldn’t intentionally take someone from a state of being able to consent to not being able to consent just to be able to borg them. No one can consent once they’ve been executed, but you should have tried to get their consent first.