Brandyn - Frezon Release Before Round End

Released Frezon before round end. Logged off before I could be spoken to.
Date of Ban: May 5th, 2023
Length of ban: Can only be removed via repeal.
Events leading to the ban : Went into the escape shuttle and as an engineer, I headed to the Engineering portion of the escape shuttle. There was a tank full of Frezon and I didn’t know what was in the tank because it was unlabeled, but I think someone mentioned there being something in the tank. I didn’t create the Frezon but I did open the tank inside the escape shuttle while it was heading to Centcom. 
Reason that the ban should be removed:  I’ve played a lot of Space Station 13 and 14 and abide by the rules. I should’ve known not to just open a random tank like that, but I just came back after a short two-month hiatus because I just recently moved. I had to be at work in 45 minutes as I was on the escape shuttle, so I opened the tank and surprisingly watched myself die and turned my computer off to get dressed and headed to work. When I came back, I saw that I was banned. I didn’t know an admin was trying to contact me at the time and was also on the phone with a coworker at the time. None of the events that were happening to me outside of the game are excuses; just explanation as to why I didn’t see I was being contacted and my hastiness of opening the tank and logging out. It was an accident and I learned my lesson so that it won’t be an issue in the future. I’m usually pretty good about waiting until the round end screen to go crazy inside of Centcom. 


We will accept this appeal. As you are probably already aware, opening random canisters of gas in a confined and heavily populated area (like the escape shuttle) is probably not the best idea. It is routine procedure to appeal-ban those we cannot reach if they disconnect before we can get to them for an offense. Seeing as everything in this appeal checks out, we’ll go ahead and accept this and lift your ban.

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