SS14 account: bruh56
Character name: Kovacs
Type of Ban: game ban
Date of Ban and Duration: September 2th 16:30 to 7,200 minutes september 7th
Reason for Ban: Plasma flooded the station as a non antag atmostech
Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard
Why you think you should be unbanned: Because I didnt plasmaflood the station as far as I know and admin didnt have any proof that I did he just banned me right away with someone elses words and the person was mad at me

Guy was being a super asshole the whole round but as far as I could tell really was actually just trying to set up mix chamber for trit. Just wasn’t being very safe about it i.e. working with pipes that were filled with hot mix gas and not completely disconnecting mix from distro.

What I’m guessing is what happened it’s they probably accidentally connected a pipe from mix to distro while they were trying to connect it to waste, since that atmo area is super cramped.


Also fuck you, you don’t have to have done stuff in sandbox to know how atmo works.

Keep the hostility and ad-hominem out of appeals, please.

Edit: I was the other Atmos. And he did plasma burn the whole Atmos room earlier but that didn’t go to distro and we just spaced it so not really a problem. Just maybe a sign to be a bit more careful and that you don’t know everything about Atmos (neither do I) .  I also accidentally released a small plamsa fire like 3 tile diameter when I unanchored a pipe I didn’t realize was pressurized (was removing the pump from mix to distro for safety. Afterwards they had me replace it with a regular valve because they insisted that just having a bare pipe would cause stuff to leave out and at early on I thought they might actually know stuff that I didn’t so I replaced it with a valve. Which now that I think about it is probably how they accidentally flooded the station later without noticing)

Yes you are right but I didnt change the setup and I was at medbay meanwhile plasma flood happenned thats why I think I didnt cause it and that valve wasnt connected to distro

That valve was absolutely connected to distro which is why I removed the pump that was originally there(and then replaced it with valve at your request). Also you had gone to and come back from med healed earlier and were at atmo when I checked that side after seeing reports of plasma flooding. Though I couldn’t see that side from where I was right before people started yelling so I can’t say if you were definitely there right when it happened. But you definitely were there within a minute or so after it happened.

well I was there after people started yelling on radio about it but I wasnt there when it happened

If you are not the person appealing, do not post here. Final warning.

My ban is about to expire but I will keep the appeal

The ban has expired.

For the record, you were banned from another server for plasmaflooding, so this ban holds.

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