bruh56-"Rule Escalation and Leaving before resolution"

SS14 account: bruh56
Character name: Victor Kovacs
Type of Ban: Game ban
Date of Ban and Duration: Permanent ban

Reason for Ban:Leaving before resolution,“rule skirting escalation”

Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard 

Your side of the story: I was  a scientist, I was at science department wandering around waiting RD to get matterials I was speaking about chemical recipes and then captain came in he put pinpointer into table I took it and joked captain then gave it back in about 4 seconds then I said that he should be careful with those items then RD said that “He should be careful when you are around” then I said why? he told me that I am suspicious and I was doing “bombs” and he was considering to fire me I dont know if he wanted to do just RP or not and captain took him real serious and hit me once then tried batoning me with no explanation after that I ran away with disposal and wandered in maints for a while found a flare and captain and me were in same hallway without even speaking he started shooting me with his antique laser and then I ran away again but this time he came after me he changed to disabler at some point I was about to go crit so I used my flare gun and after he got on fire he escaped then I used pills in my backpack to heal myself a secoff saw whole thing and supported me and told me to go medbay and meanwhile I saw a kill sign on me turns out admin decided to abuse his powers and everyone who saw it attacked me I was red and cuffed stripped then they put me in a cell and captain decided to execute me but HoS didnt let him do it and he just gave my ID to him and came in to release me and I was annoyed I suicided and left after a while I joined back because I knew that admin would have banned me for leaving I came back and waited but he didnt tell anything to me just banned me
Why you think you should be unbanned: its unfair
Anything else we should know: the admin that banned me and was looking into my ahelp did say that he wasnt looking at it objectivally and he was trying to ban me


bruh56: Captain is assaulting me
StreakyHaddock: I’ve been watching
bruh56: warn em about the fact he cant demote someone because he wants to
bruh56: or hit with a object /shoot
StreakyHaddock: The RD wants you demoted. He’s actually sorta doing his job, and he gave you chance to comply. I’m concerned he pulled his laser gun on you but he didnt go straight to using it
StreakyHaddock: I might be lagging a bit
bruh56: he was gonig to use it and its unfair that he wants to demote me
StreakyHaddock: As far as I can tell (as an admin) the Captain is executing the RD’s wishes, which is reasonable for him to do as Captain. I’m keeping an eye on security and how they handle you.
bruh56: plus RD said he was considering firing me
StreakyHaddock: Yeah, which he has the power to do. As far as I can tell, they’re not escalating things until you do. So be careful how you proceed, because if you plan on using those flare guns in ‘self defence’ with your note history, I’m not inclined to be lenient. This is your heads up
bruh56: I didnt say RD doesnt have perms to demote me
bruh56: I said doing so will be against first rule
StreakyHaddock: You haven’t mentioned that to me so far. What is his stated reason for wanting you demoted
bruh56: no idea
StreakyHaddock: Are you sure? I was watching at the time
bruh56: I asked him about chemical recipes at begining of the round and thats all communication I had with him
bruh56: why dont you tell me if you were watching
StreakyHaddock: He said he wanted you demoted for saying you were making bombs to blow up the station. Now i’m checking logs to see how true that is, but it was said in your presence
bruh56: We dont even have a chem dispenser
StreakyHaddock: Why is that relevant?
bruh56: “Making bombs to blow up the station” how am I supposed to do that without a dispenser
bruh56: craftinhg bombs doesnt exist yet
StreakyHaddock: Yes, you also are in the department that can make machines
bruh56: but I didnt make it yet
bruh56: I didnt do a single step in that way
bruh56: I didnt go get mats I didnt do research
bruh56: I just searched some maints and wandered in science
StreakyHaddock: I’m approaching this from the perspective of the RD, who wants a functional department
bruh56: Sciences job is to do machines and tools for station and non of us were donig anything about it including RD
bruh56: if he has a problem then with the fact he doesnt work he should fire himself
StreakyHaddock: Looking at logs, and checking on the department I feel that he was acting reasonably in thinking you would be a detriment to the department. I’m not going to talk about the full details of an ongoing round, but he acted reasonable and responsibly given the circumstances.
bruh56: Then ill act reasonably too
StreakyHaddock: Alright.
bruh56: yeah so your beloved captain shot me with a laser on hallway no reason and you decided to put a kill sign on me and get me crit
StreakyHaddock: It was a disabler. I warned oyu about the flare gun.
bruh56: it was a antique laser
StreakyHaddock: Your history has been clear, and I made it clear to you it was a consideration
bruh56: and you can check logs for it
StreakyHaddock: Disabler hit you. I checked.
StreakyHaddock: You returned with fire.
bruh56: Disabler doesnt make you almost crit
bruh56: it was a laser
bruh56: I would be dead if I didnt have med pills
bruh56: at this points secoffs defend me
StreakyHaddock: Looking through logs, he went non-lethal. You pulled out flare, he switched to lethals.
bruh56: Go further
bruh56: he used a laser and after he couldnt hit me
bruh56: He decided to not waste it from far
bruh56: so he switched disabler
bruh56: and used lethal again when he got close
StreakyHaddock: I am conferring with other admins at the moment. I will speak with the Captain
bruh56: captain now wants to space my body
bruh56: great
bruh56: I love the fact if I did that as a captain they would job ban me before I could do it and explode my body
StreakyHaddock: Oh, I never got to ask.
StreakyHaddock: Why did you give space and epi pen to the other scientist
bruh56: because I had to empty my survival box
bruh56: And wanted to use it
bruh56: and thought it might have some blindness efect
bruh56: turns out it doesnt
StreakyHaddock: Why did you think that
bruh56: I saw some fixeyedamage effects while wandering around wiki and I thought medipen might had one of those chemicals
:StreakyHaddock: Even though it makes people’s skin melt off?
bruh56: yeah about 5 heat damage
bruh56: and I offered it to him and he accepted
bruh56: I didnt force it
StreakyHaddock: OK
bruh56: at this point you are just trying to ban me
bruh56: I dont know why you hate me tho
StreakyHaddock: I have no feelings about you. I’m looking at your notes, your actions and your attitude, as well as others on the server.
bruh56: Other servers?
bruh56: Yeah if you check nyanotrasen its norma
bruh56: ll
bruh56: Because I did whatever I wanted since its not very high population
bruh56: so its best you check only official ones

The full conversation, for reference.

Questions and commentary that I have, after reviewing the situation:

  1. It is not against rule 1 for RD to fire you for making bombs/being only in sci to make bombs. Do not attempt to tell other players what is or isn’t against the rules. You clearly have no idea because you’ve been in violation multiple times before.

  2. The logs do not support your story that captain fired upon you with an antique laser first. You are mistaken.


33 minutes ago, bruh56 said:

the admin that banned me and was looking into my ahelp did say that he wasnt looking at it objectivally and he was trying to ban me

Please tell me in the conversation above where StreakyHaddock says he is not looking at this objectively. He actually says, near the end, that he isn’t looking at it subjectively.

  1. You admitted to using a medipen on another scientist because you thought they blinded people?

19 minutes ago, bruh56 said:

Anything else we should know: the admin that banned me and was looking into my ahelp did say that he wasnt looking at it objectivally and he was trying to ban me

Simply skimming the appeal, saw this, so dropping the full ahelp log for context as the admin who handled this ban never said anything of the sort. They even state as much in the third screenshot of your ahelp log, seen below:

In fact, the admin in question was probably the most patient they could have been with you given the circumstances. You spent time during the round talking about wanting to make bombs for “self defense”, which is one of the reasons why the RD wanted you removed from the department in the first place and what brought this whole situation on to begin with. You were clearly told what to expect if you continued to escalate the issue on your end and you elected to do so anyway.

I completely agree with Streaky’s assessment, the captain would have been arguably justified in using the antique laser in your situation, because you opted to use a ranged lethal projectile (flare shells do a significant amount of damage for what they are). So whether they used a disabler or the laser gun at that point is moot.

With that in mind, since this is your second ban a month and you have a consistent pattern of skirting rules for the game to your advantage, this will have to be discussed internally with other admins before we come to an official decision regarding your appeal.

I didnt shoot flares to captain until he attacked me and I let him shoot for a while but when he didnt stop I shot him with a flare to stop him and you cant judge the situtation with my acts in past like Streaky


We absolutely can. One problem is a single issue. Multiple is a pattern. You have established a pattern of poor behavior. You also don’t seem to have read anything that we said.

I did read it and I am saying I didnt do any bbombs and captain shot me even he said it you can check his conversation with HoS when I am kept in cell he says that he shot me  with antique laser before I used a flare gun and no I didnt use a medipen on a scientist because I thought it blinded people read it properly I thought that it might have a chemical like oculine in it which would HEAL eye damage if you actually checked logs and readed the ahelp you can also see that its not possible for me to do a bomb in anyway and you can also see that I didnt try to make a bomb at all

You shouldn’t be surprised when you say you’re gonna make bombs to blow up the station that your boss takes you seriously and tries to demote you. I squarely think that the RD did an admirable job of ejecting problematic people from his department to which you kicked and screamed the entire time.

I didnt say I was going to make bombs I asked if he knew any recipe plus captain made it up RD didnt actually try firing me he was considering doing it


There is practically zero distinction between those two scenarios.

You have absolutely no understanding or acknowledgement of what you did wrong, and you have continued to not answer the questions that we have asked. You claimed it was admin bias when an admin that literally has never even heard of you banned you due to a series of notes you had wracked up. We see no benefit to allowing you back into the Wizard Den servers.

This appeal is  denied. You may appeal in a month.

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