Buldinn - WGW


SS14 account username: InternalBleating.TTV
Ban reason: "Spamming “Woody’s Got Wood” via fax machine, violation of the no ERP Policy.
Date of ban: Jan. 24th 2023
Length of ban: Appeal Only
Events leading to the ban: I saw a Woody’s Wood Poster and it reminded me of WGW, I thought people might find it funny and didn’t consider it ERP, just a shitpost… Though I am NOT making excuses, only explaining my thought process. I then sent it through fax machine to 3 departments.
Reason the ban should be removed: I own up to the fact I broke the rules, I will re-read the rules and commit them to memory. I will not do this again and I will consider my actions more carefully in the future, if you will have me back. I do apologize and feel bad that I might have hurt someone, this community means a lot to me and I would not purposefully hurt anyone to that degree.  


This appeal has been accepted.

We are slightly concerned about the sheer amount of time you’re spending playing the game every day. Please remember to take periodic breaks for your health and wellbeing.

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