Bundle - Inappropriate Chat

SS14 account username: Bundle
Ban reason: Inappropriate Chat
Date of ban: 23-03-2023
Length of ban: Indefinite, removeable only via appeal
Events leading to the ban: For a few rounds I’ve been trying to renovate the maint bar, but I’ve not succeeded thus far thanks to either factors beyond my control, my own incompetents or both. During my last round things were going smoothly until I went back to the maint bar and was greeted by a bluespace anomaly. In a moment of frustration I typed in the common radio: “FUCK MY ASS”, followed by “ANOMALY IN MAINT BAR” and after that I was promptly banned.
Reason the ban should be removed: My exclamation was that of frustration, not invitation. If the language I used is not in line with the rules I will tone it down in the future if my ban were to be appealed. I do want to apologize if this was inappropriate, it was not my intention to make anyone uncomfortable.

I think this ban was accidentally heavy handed and this appeal makes perfect sense in the context provided, which is also backed up by the logs. This appeal is accepted and we will not hold this ban against you, our apologies.

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