Candaddi - Metacommunications

Ban reason: Metacommunications with Vertexual.
Length of ban: Perm.
Events leading to the ban: We were Botanists, round just started, and I was getting into the groove of everything. I asked if we could remove a dead plant and Vertexual in game said: “No brother, he said to let it grow, it will be funny.” I went in the Botany closet. Few minutes later, banned.
Reason the ban should be removed: Vertexual and I work out our in game RP before we get on, or in between rounds. We’ve done this on the US West server until we saw the US East server, which is better for performance. Never a problem until out of the blue we both get a permanent ban. I’m not sure if being muted in a discord during rounds constitutes a permanent ban, or if the insane idea of planning an RP does either. Thank you.

Admin consensus is to accept this appeal.

Please understand that metacommunications is one of our zero-tolerance rule as it can give unmoderated advantages to you and put other players at a disavantage. Acepted.

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