Can't go past the connected Screen, is that a problem that happens often?

Hey there, I strangely cant go past the connected screen anymore, unable to get on the server after a large break of several months. I was wondering if that might be do to a shadow ban, or if I have some sort of connection issue? I am fine with joining other servers, but I somehow cannot get on the Wizard’s Den’s.

As far as I can tell I am not banned, but someone I asked told me that I might be shadowbanned? I doubt there is any reason tho, as I havent played this game in 4-6 Months.

For further Information: I just tried every Wizard’s Den Server, I cannot get past the connected screen in any of them, others like the Frontier work just fine tho.

Try updating your client. That sometimes messes with connectivity.

I found a solution for it by joining the discord, the topic can be closed.

It was with the negative ambient sound, that it came to bug out and loop something, thanks to Faint on the server, i managed to reconnect after such a long time, hope to play some more in the future!

Locking due to solved issue.