CaptainFinniki - Role Play standards. For 10,000Minutes

Username: CaptainFinniki

Ban reason: Role Play standards. For 10,000Minutes
Length of ban: Indefinite
Ban Issue:
I did what I was banned for, but the ban is unreasonably harsh

Vote Opt-Out: true

Events leading to the ban

Honestly its a bit silly. It was in “Rounys Marine corps alamo US East”.

I got off the landing zone and the action was about to start.
But in RL my cat threw up and I couldnt exactly find a locker to hide my character for 10mins so she wouldnt get killed in game by the xenoid.
I didnt want to just log off since it would look a bit weird to the other players…so I stripped my character of all their gear and threw it around making a mess, shouted Banzai and ran at the enemy…I thought the other players would assume its a “traumatic attack” or panic attack or something mental.

Reason the ban should be removed

I didnt want to break RP and just have my character dissapear for the others.
I tried to give a quick “reason” as to why my character had to run away to make it more RP suited. But I guess it didnt make any sense to the other team members…

Any chance I can get unbanned? I honestly wasnt trying to break rules or anything and there was a attempt to maintain RP.

Just my cat kinda made a giant mess…

Alternate Accounts

No alternate accounts. Just the main one since early days.

This seems like this is for RMC14. This forum only handles servers managed by Wizard’s Den, which RMC14 is not. You will likely need to appeal on their forums or discord.

RMC14 Discord can be reached via that link for your appeal

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Added appeal-rejected and removed appeal-pending

Ah ok. My mistake.

Thanks for the help <3

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