Carmelo-permanent command ban, no clue why

Role(s): Every single command role
Length of ban: permenant I guess 
Events leading to the ban: No idea. My last cap round was today, it went pretty badly fuse of singuloose but I was a good captain all in all. I never received a ahep or note.
Reason the ban should be removed: Again, no ahelp or note was ever provided. If I was playing a shitty command a warning and reason form my actions would have been sufficient, I just have no idea why I’m banned. I will admit I play a very chill and not to serious cap but I don’t think that warrants a permenant ban from every command role.

By note I mean admin remark btw

Anyhow, I found the reason, game was bugged. They were 1: gave AA to a player, 2: attempted to buy items via syndie pda, and stamped a paper requesting a deathsquad. I will answer all of these: 1: I have expanded acsess to my assistant, a botanist. I attempted to give them most acsess minus the armory and stuff, but power outage left them stuck at hop level. 2: I tried to get the pda to buy syndie Jammie’s, a useless item, which would nuetralize them. These Jammie’s would be locked in a new high security vault ce made, along with the PDA. 3: I geniuly have no idea how stamping a paper given to me by the clown in any way, shape, or form could be considered a rule break. I am obviously not serious about sending a death squad. It’s a joke. Every other head had stamped it and I think centcom too. Why is this listed?

Anyways, a simple warn would have been enough m. Just tell me not to do the things I did, and I wouldn’t have done them. I really don’t think a permenant (probably not actually perma, apeel only ban type stuff ig) is the answer. 

(also sorry if I sound a bit angy it’s cause I am, I would wait to calm down but I want this out asap.)

This was not a permanent role ban it expires tomorrow, you can just wait out the last day.
Command and sec are held to a higher standard so just keep these rules in mind when playing those roles: 
Appeal denied. - Ban expires: 11/14/2023

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