Chemist Ban

SS14 account: Korbino219
Character name: Been a while, not too sure
Type of Ban: Job Ban
Date of Ban and Duration: A week
Reason for Ban: Griefing and Poisoning other crewmates
Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard
Your side of the story: It’s been a while, but I was poisoning a bunch of crew mates without reason. Groveled to the admins. Got a week ban. It’s my fault if I’m being honest.
Why you think you should be unbanned:  It has been a while, almost two, three months since it happened. I loved playing chemist and I saw a video thinking I should get back into it. 
Anything else we should know: nope, your decision is final, all is fair. :slight_smile:
appeal, include it here.

Here’s the problems I have with this:

  1. You weren’t ever banned besides an appeal-only chemist roleban for your acts. You didn’t get a “week ban” anywhere, unless you are referring to be told to wait a week before a re-appeal.

  2. All of your connections span from August 3rd of this year to August 5th of this year, so it appears after you got banned from chemist and appeal denied you quit the game entirely and haven’t been playing since.

Our decision to remove rolebans from a user generally relies upon their playtime and behavior after the infraction to determine if they can be trusted in the role they are banned from. You have neither to go off of and I strongly suspect that your complete absence from the game since reveals you have little interest in the game besides how the chemist can kill people as a job.

Denied. Appeal again in two weeks, and only with a decent track record of play time in the server and no further issues.

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