Chetmasterson - being a shit head

SS14 account username : Chetmasterson
Ban reason: Leaving all morgue trays open to actively try and build up a room of miasma towards the end of the round. They’ve been around long enough to know better, 12 Hour Ban. This ban will only be removed via appeal.
Date of ban: Like 7 or 8 months ago
Length of ban:   was supposed to be only 12 hours, but I appealed and I was being a shitter on MRP when I did so I never got unbanned.
Events leading to the ban : Man it was just me trying to be a stupid asshole and do shit that I shouldn’t have been doing for giggles. 
Reason the ban should be removed: I feel like I’ve matured enough that I can be reintroduced to Lizard. I’ve used the role playing as an opportunity to try out different characters, other than just my stupid punk idiot character. These include: Stoner Botanist, Punk Cargo Woman who always orders crayons, a clown who goes *hyuk*, a depressed Vietnam war vet who found therapy in mining, an old depressed janitor, a neurotic scientist, and a chef that runs his kitchen like the army. I’m really impressed with myself that I’ve even created more characters, and found a way to enjoy the game without just shitting around. To be honest though, I do wanna shit around a little, and I know MRP isn’t the place to do that, so I humbly ask that I be given another chance on Lizard so I can enjoy a lower role play standard. I actually follow rules now, and play my job properly.

never mind got banned from nyanotransen for ERP

I give up

If that’s the case then we’ll close this.

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