Chromzeez - Banned for metagaming as remelia bat

SS14 account username: chromzeez
Ban reason: Using ghost knowledge in order to metagame and RDM against a syndie who killed me earlier as Remelia.
Date of ban: 3/6/2023
Length of ban: Until Appeal

Events leading to the ban: Cargo tech electrocuted me (sec officer) and HoS and proceeded to butcher our bodies and hide our remains in a storage closet inside maints. After being dead for a while, I hopped on the bat ghost role and started roaming around looking for things to do. Upon spotting him, and against my better judgement, I started attacking him and was quickly put down after landing a couple of bites. I proceeded then to spawn in another bat and chase him, utilizing information gained from the first attack. After being killed the second time, I was approached by an admin, who informed me that I was going to be banned for improper use of the ghost role and metagaming.
Reason the ban should be removed: I feel like the ban was fairly placed, but hope to be able to redeem myself through some way in order to be able to play again. I understand that this is not the first time that I have been banned, but did not think that what I did was severe enough to warrant a permeant ban. I also understand that I must be punished for breaking the rules, but would ask if the length of the ban be set to something along the lines of a week or two so that I may be able to participate on the server again. Rest assured, I will not be abusing the ghost roles in this manner again, nor will i use information gained during ghost form to influence the way I play again. Thank you.

Admin consensus is to accept this appeal. Please be aware that another significant issue with you will result in a voucher ban which is only appealable after 6 months and with a voucher of good behavior from another SS13/SS14 server. This ban will be lifted.

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