Chromzeez - RDM as Detective

SS14 account username: Chromzeez
Ban reason: Started a shootout with a passenger, lost and got knocked unconscious, then dced
Date of ban: 12/21/2022
Length of ban: Infinite
Events leading to the ban: Walked into vents, saw someone pull out a gun and started shooting at them. They beat me and I assumed they were going to execute me, so I dced as I thought there was no point in staying on the game if I was going to get killed. (note that at the time of the ban it was pretty late and I had been playing for a bit)
Reason the ban should be removed: Did not intend to break the rules and if I did, I will follow them more closely in the future. I’m sorry about how things turned out.

Is this post visible?

It is. Just be patient. The admins are either handling earlier appeals, or having an internal discussion.

Hi cromzeez,

Your appeal is being processed, and it will take a bit for us to come to a verdict. We go through our appeals pretty thoroughly and as such, there is the penalty of time applied to our appeals. It’s also the time period after Christmas for the administrative team, so be patient and bear with us.

Once we reach a verdict, it’ll be posted here & applied immediately if required.

Thank you.

Appreciate the response, take your time guys I just wanted to get some confirmation as its been a week.

Hi chromzeez,

After further review, we’ve decided to go through and  lift your ban , and your appeal is  accepted.

Please keep in mind, be mindful of the situation and situationally aware of the other players around you. It looked odd after such a situation to have suddenly disconnected, though we do understand playing late at time and the position you were in to not play so late.

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