Clarification on how to handle abusive players

I have a pending ban appeal that might answer this question, but I really want a straight answer on it. If I feel a player is being abusive but in character have a good deal of authority how exactly should I handle it as to not be banned. If a HoS/captain is being very abusive IE hitting people at random or permaing people for very minor offences should I just put in an ahelp and accept the abuse or can I do something about it in character. I defended myself from what I thought was an abusive player and ate a week long ban for it. I appreciate that from an neutral point of view their conduct may not constitute abuse even though I really think it should. How should I deal with this in future especially if being actively hit and arrested. 

All rule violations can be ahelped, even if you’re unsure if a rule is being violated.

All IC responses should follow appropriate rules.

There is a wide variety of responses available depending on the situation. Reporting the situation to those higher in the chain of command or to security is always an option. Security officers, the HOS, and the captain are not immune from arrest, if they commit crimes, they can be arrested by other security officers. When arresting security officers or members of command, it is recommended to do so as a group to better be able to keep the situation under control. Non-security can intervene in some situations where security or command is being abusive, but they should use caution. It is important to note that security has no obligation to justify arrests to random bystanders, or to explain an arrest before securing the person being arrested. You cannot treat security arresting someone for unknown reasons as the start of escalation.


This answer applies to LRP and MRP.

Due to the large amount of contextual and situational information that may be relevant, the rule clarifications section is not for reviewing past ahelps or situations. No part of this answer should be interpreted as a review of any past ahelp or situation.