Clean Two Day Ban Appeal

SS14 account username: Clean
Ban reason: Stole SSD Cadet PDA as a tider. Larped as secoff. Arrested suspected syndie and proceeded to execute him in a lone corridor himself.
Date of ban: March 3, 2023
Length of ban: 2880 minutes
Events leading to the ban: I spawned in as a passenger mid game and found a security guard who was afk so i stole their pda. My intentions were to help the station in place of the afk player. The player that I killed was a suspected syndicate bomber. I had already arrested them one time and overheard on the radio that they were still a threat so rather than arresting them a second time I thought I would just erase the problem and execute them, which I know now is a bad choice.
Reason the ban should be removed: I believe my ban should be removed because in my mind none of my actions were done with malintent.  When I stole the sec pda my intentions were to stand in the guys place as a functioning security guard rather than leave the guard afk to contribute nothing to security all game. I used some security resources and I successfully aided in arrests as well as maintained the station.  I did not abuse this pda in any form.  Regarding the person I executed in a corridor, I was the one who searched the station and arrested them the first time.  I do not know what happened in interrogation as I was told to leave, but I later saw their name on the sec comms channel as still being an active threat.  Whether that was a lack of communication for the department, I do not know. When I found them the second time, the evac shuttle was already called and the station had succumbed to chaos, so rather than attempting to arrest them or letting them live to potentially bomb the escape shuttle I thought it would be best to kill them and end the possible threat to the escape shuttle.  As I said before, none of my actions were performed with bad intentions for the other players, I just wanted the station to stay safe with a fully staffed non afk sec team.  If stealing pdas of afk players is wrong, and executing threats to the station is wrong as well. then I shall no longer do it.

We have a strict policy on ban evasion. Due to your attempt at evasion, this 2 day ban is now a voucher ban. You can appeal your ban no sooner than 6 months from your last attempt at ban evasion. Additionally you must have a voucher of good behavior from another SS13 or SS14 server.

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