Ban reason: Self-Antag, Handing out AA as clown, taking part in a tide/revolution through bridge

Length of ban: Indefinite

Events leading to the ban: Sec got wiped early on in the shift, and the HoP and I had gotten into an argument over 5 cloth- which resulted in me declaring a blood feud against him. When his office got bombed, I saw an opportunity to prank the station. Running into the office, which was powerless and half-demolished, I grabbed the HoP id card from the computer and ran straight to bridge. In bridge, I give myself command access and set the id card down on the counter next to who I assume is HoS. I then use the command access to make the announcement “Yellow for Banana” and set alert level to yellow (for banana). I then run out of bridge, only to return twice in next rest of the shift: Once to let the other clown in, and once when other people start making announcements on the console and centcom takes notice. When I go to bridge to watch the chaos unfold, I get admingibbed. I do not know in what way my actions were antagonistic, as they did not harm the station or anyone in the station- and I followed my role perfectly. People thought it was funny up until the deathsquad got sent. There was no coherent revolution or tide as far as I’m concerned, and if there was the offenders were all gibbed by admins, meaning the subsequent deathsquad punished everyone who WASN’T a part of the problem.

Question, as I cannot see my list of warnings and offenses, are they all clown-related? I have a feeling that all of them are from me going too hard as clown but I am unable to check.

Ill send them to you in a DM shortly.

This has been put to admin discussion and vote. Admin consensus is to reduce the ban to a week.
On review it was observed you did not participate in any revolution or coup but you did still rob HoP and give your self AA.
Also going back and walling up the HoPs office.
Comedy with it is a fine line between funny and rule breaking with clown and is probably one of the hardest to play due to it, in this case everyone else and their dog also were getting AA and breaking in to bridge causing a huge self antag mess.
Appeal accepted - Ban reduced down to a week from the original ban time.

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