CMO-only combined MedHud and Chemistry Goggles

This is a minor feature that I’d be willing to implement myself, so this is more of a balance sanity check to see if there’s any reason it shouldn’t be implemented.

The idea is that as CMO, you’re the only member of Medical who really should be both in chemistry and the medbay. The Chemistry Goggles aren’t the MOST important set of gear in the world, but being able to double-check the chems when one of your chemists forgets the label or subtly examining that beaker on a hotplate to see that yes, your chemist is making mindbreaker toxin and is probably not up to any good would be a nice addition, I think.

It’s also not that easy to get an extra set of Chemistry Goggles, unlike your Chemist underlings, who spawn with the goggles and can easily bum a MedHud to serve in medbay when the going gets tough. It’s not in chemistry lockers or the ChemDrobe.

Why not just spawn a set of goggles in the CMO locker? Well, that would also fix the issue, but I think getting the CMO a fancy CMO hud would be cool, I dunno. I could just do that instead, based on how other people feel about it.

CMOs already get a MedHud in their lockers, so there’s already an easily replaceable location for it to spawn.

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There’s already an open PR for this: Adds a new "medchem hud" for CMOs by Thurtik · Pull Request #28753 · space-wizards/space-station-14 · GitHub

This really shouldn’t be something that exists round-start in the CMO locker. Give science some upgrades.

Literally just print them. :confused:

Surely as CMO you are doing medbay logistics or at very least coordinating via command channel and its not chemists that have to get all resources for medbay and doctors, right?




I have put in orders for so many refills and spent so long trying to get that initial plasma…


Considering chemists do not have command radio, it would be great if CMO used it to do cargo, engineering and science logistics, maybe even botany but we all know how HoPs are willing to do their job and oversee at least one of their 2 subdepartments that actually matter. :godo:

If you have to constantly do that as chemist(And we do :sob:) then chances are CMO fucking sucks. The bar is so low that CMO not setting every door including chemlab on emergency access is grounds for celebration. If they only overdose instead of killing patients they might even deserve a medal. :godo:

Of course as shift progressess chances are there is less and less pressure on chemlab so these things eventually become non-issues. Chemists have so many tasks to do that if they have enough knowledge and logistics are not failing they are busy 100% of the shift if they wish to help the station.

A bad CMO also doesn’t seem to realize we don’t have tools. If you want me to grind plasteel from the table to make up for the lack of plasma crystals, don’t just tell me to do it, send me someone with a wrench!

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Oh hey, that’s neat. Guess I’ll follow that instead.

I play chem a ton; enough to finish all meds within 10-15 min. A good chemist will know where wrench spawns are and where plasteel is~

Asking CMO for Chem Vend restock is like the most I’ll ever do. Most of the time me or another chem will just go to Cargo ourselves though and order it. We also actually use the condenser when Cargo is struggling.

Anyways for the main topic:
Would be a cool thing to have!

We have the sec med hud that is craftable instead of unlocked by science. I feel making it craftable would be easier/better honestly instead of waiting for Sci. Med stuff is locked under Civil which really sucks and never gets done/looked at. If Med had enough to have their own category I’d say yeah lock it under Sci along with the sec med hud, but otherwise, no. Craftable should be the way to go here.

Honestly… Most speedy chem players I have been partnered with kinda do more to push me into a position of uselessness than to help me learn to do the role well.

Coordinating with weaker chemists and understanding that chemists may be just in the “okay” range is part of the job too, for both chemists and CMOs.