Command role ban

Account name: Toboyo

Roles: All command roles

Date of ban: 12/23/2022 at around 4:20 pm

Length of ban: 1 week

Just to be safe I’m going to spoiler the events of what happened because I want to be able to include everything without leaving anything out, and I’m not sure if it needs to be marked as a spoiler or not. Some of it mentions a triggering sexual topic.


Events leading to ban: I was captain and somewhat early into the shift a chaplain came to bridge and asked me to ask for any item that I wanted. The chap said something along the lines of “I have a communion with the gods”, and that he would need something of great value to do the trade ritual. I told him I wanted the claymore and I believe he suggested that I give up my jetpack or my saber for it. I came down to the church with the jetpack and gave it to him. Then over the radio someone screamed that they were being molested by sec a couple of times and I said to the chaplain in character, “that guy is probably gonna get ahelped lol”. He told me the ritual would take some time and I asked him to radio me when it was done. Afterwards I started to walk down the hall and my contract was hastily terminated for exchanging items of immense value without permission and I was promptly executed by the station staff.

Then an admin messaged me that I was getting indefinitely role banned from command. I asked the admin what I did wrong and asked if it was over the jetpack. He told me that I even said I was going to get Ahelped right after doing it. I told the admin that I was talking about the guy who was screaming over the radio about being molested because it falls under ERP. He asked why I didn’t Ahelp it myself and I told them I figured someone else would. He informed me that that’s how things end up not being ahelped. 

A few minutes later he told me he was reducing the command role ban to only a week because he missed the word “guy” in my chat about ahelping to the chaplain. Then they asked me to please only talk about ahelps or other similar terms in LOOC or OOC, never IC.


Reason the ban should be removed: From my perspective, when the chaplain came up to me at bridge and said that he could commune with the gods, I thought it was some admin tomfoolery event happening. I thought that they might of been an admin trying to enhance the round by doing some events as the chaplain. I thought this because a few months ago I experienced a similar event in cargo with a trading ritual put up on the floor. But looking back on it now, the only things being traded were not valuable items and just stuff like plushies and fun harmless items. In the moment I thought it was something similar in nature and didn’t see the discrepancy in the value of the items being traded. In hindsight, I can now see that I was negligent as a captain and it was a genuine mistake. I realize now that I shouldn’t be giving away stuff like that even if I think its some kind of event because it could harm others games and the health of the round by making it impossible to complete traitor objectives and I wont make the same mistake again.

Hi Toboyo,

Due to your ban already being expired, this will be  closed by default.

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