Contraband level discussion.

Before you say anything, LRP doesnt mean common sense is gone, as would arrest someone by having a jumpsuit?

And also remember that this is my opinion the the theme, you’re free to give your opinion.

Now, lets get to the point.

Contraband and whatnot is something not usualy discussed, as most officers say “syndicate can buy that so you’re a syndicate duh”  wich gets annoying fast, not only because its metaknologe, you shouldnt arrest someoneone for wearing a syndicate scarf, just because it has the word syndicate does not mean its imediatly ilegal and AOS.

**Now, example, the web vest is a robust vest with advanced padding, this doesnt mean it can only be made by one company, its just a militar vest, because then, it would also be common sense to arrest someone with a merc vest, no? 
What im trying to say with this, is that there’s a diference with syndicate gear and ilegal under space law, like a python (Ilegal under space law), or a jug suit (Syndicate gear) from legal under space law and syndicate merch, like a webbing (Legal under space law) or the syndicate pijamas (Syndicate merch).

Now, as these arent the official rules, and just common sense, there is a lot of freeway here, im gonna give a couple of examples, if you agree or not, you can choose to give your opinion on it. (You dont need to take this word by word, im just trying to set some common ground for search/arrest motives)**

Syndicate merch/legal gear, like, operative jumpsuit, webbing, scarf, outlaw hat, web vest… etc… = As its just clothing, or general defensive gear, this should make you search them, or arrest them.
(Unless the owner of the items is going to perma for an external issue not relating contraband, these items should not be kept by security.)

Syndicate “Risk” merch [Still legal, but potentially used for malicious activity], like, Syndicate duffle bag, specialy tagged for containing an ilegal item, cybersun pen, syndicate smokes, extra-bright lantern, syndicate segway, chamelion clothing… etc… = This is gear that could potentionaly mean its being used for malicious activity, but still merch, or not ilegal. This should advise a search if in blue, red or higher alerts. You can also ask the warden or head of security for a warant, if you feel off about whoever has these items. (Im aware that the cybersun pen is a weapon, that does 15 pierce, but, its still just a pen, it does say cybersun pen, but its like the operative jumpsuit, just merch.)

Syndicate low-risk gear/ilegal, like, syndicate eva suit, ilegal firearms₁ [If they are not being used], ilegal melee weapons₂ [If they are not being used], Undetonated explosives, Emag, Syndicate keys or headsets, blood-red magboots, suspicious toolbox, syndicate reinforcement teleporter, agent id, thief gloves, blood-red hardsuit… etc… = Proceed to arrest and bring to brig for possible perma-brig. Remember that you can call backup if you think the user might use a weapon to take you down when discovered to be a criminal in a moment of panic.

Syndicate high-risk gear/Highly ilegal, like, used holoparasite injectors, Cerberus [Spawned through Necromion; a syndicate-exclusive bible] ilegal firearms₁ [If they are being used], active explosives, live carps [Dehydrated space carps turn into live carps with water], ilegal melee₂ [If they are being used], Elite and Commander blood-red hardsuits… etc… = Execution, as most of these whould kill you if you try to detain them. You can back up, report the threat and ask for armory to be opened.

₁ = Firearms refer to any gun that fires any caliber, like, .10, .20, .30, .35, .45, .60 or laser powered weapons, like, laser gun, retro laser gun, xray cannon and advanced laser gun.

₂ = Melee or tools that are designed to hurt people in close quarter combat, like,  fire axe (Flamable version), fireaxe (unless the one carring it is a atmos tech or command member), energy melee weaponary[energy sword, energy dagger, double energy sword], cutlass…


As said, this is my opinion and you dont need to take this word by word, im open to comments about it. 

having a web vest makes you very hard to kill so its absolutely aos
you can still have weapons taken even if you didnt use them, this includes bats and spears

As security if I see someone wearing armor, I check if they are a salvage specialist, head of staff or undercover security. If they are none of those, I will arrest them and take all their weapons and armor. Bartenders get a pass on their armor/shotgun as long as they don’t abuse it, but not on any other armor like the full body riot suit that spawns on some maps and people love to rush. Salvage specialists still get their armory-tier weapons stripped if they are dumb enough to carry them visibly in their suit slot. I won’t even ask you to surrender the armor and guns, if you are dressed for combat I will always assume you are armed and will not give you time to attack me.

If you’re displaying any syndicate gear at all, even if it’s just EVA, I will treat you as any loud syndicate agent. Bonus points if I have lethals and the gear is covered by the below rule, I will crit you on sight. Here’s a very nice server rule about this:

  • Suspect is wearing clothing or showing immediately dangerous equipment only used by enemy agents/antagonists (ex: Syndicate EVA Suit, Bloodred Hardsuit, Holoparasprite, C-20R, etc.). Anyone wearing or displaying this equipment may be engaged with lethal force, no questions asked.

If you have “just” syndicate clothing, I will arrest and search you every time I see you wearing it. I’ll also take any syndicate bag to evidence, and any syndicate clothing that gives you any combat advantage.

I’ll also perma you for having “maints loot” syndi gear such as the sharp pen or EVA that spawns on some maps.

I’m newish to sec, having just finished my hours as cadet on WD. Here’s what I think makes sense to me right now, RP wise.

I see someone with a syndicate balloon. Syndicate propaganda? Not on my watch! I’ll confiscate it, and if they resist, I’ll put them in jail as well. Either way, I’m searching them and notifying the rest of security.

I see someone with a web vest. “Excuse me. That’s a cool vest you got there. Where’d you get it? Ah, found it in maints? Alright right.” If it’s code green, I won’t even search them, but I will notify sec.

i dont think web vest is mapped anywhere so its still 1000% valid for you sec mains

this is an obscene amount of information to read so i’ll just render a general opinion that went into consideration when we revisited the rules.

Previously the rules (prior to MRP even existing) stated that putting someone in the permabrig for syndicate contraband alone was not appropriate. It was revised since this generally made security even harder to play by virtue of catching criminals with obscene amounts of contraband (emag, esword, whatever) and not being able to do anything about it besides confiscate it because you didn’t catch them in the act of killing someone. This also existed pre-forensics, which made connecting people to crimes without witnesses virtually impossible, and improbable even if there were witnesses as people are notoriously bad about remembering specifics.

The rules were revised to allow a permabrigging if someone is caught with syndicate contraband. This isn’t a hard list or rule of objects that are contraband as that would be subject to frequent change and endless lawyering. It is generally understood to be “anything you can normally only get from a Syndicate uplink”. This doesn’t so much imply that heads/security know what’s contained in an uplink exactly but more so they can identify non-standard or foreign equipment on the station that would be unusual for a crew member to have.

Virtually anything branded “syndicate” falls into this category. It can be confiscated without pretext. You could also jail or potentially permabrig the person in possession of it, though permabrigging someone for having merely a cosmetic clothing item would probably be considered “pushing it” by a lot. “Weapons” and “armors” that are held by non-ranking (i.e non head/security) crewmembers (excluding the bartender’s shotgun/armor unless it is misused) can be confiscated with no pretext unless there is some sort of emergency situation or other justification for that crewmember having it.

The purpose of allowing permabrigging for possession of contraband was to combat two things: Security being powerless to keep obviously bad actors under lock and key if they “haven’t done anything (yet)”, and syndicate agents or troublemakers freely and openly wearing things like the Syndicate EVA suit and protesting when they get arrested for wearing obviously enemy-of-the-corporation equipment. And just because something “can be found in maint” doesn’t not make it contraband. Nobody forces you to pick up contraband you find in maint and keep it.

“i dont think web vest is mapped anywhere so its still 1000% valid for you sec mains”

I’m not familiar with the mapping format, but you can find ClothingOuterVestWeb and ClothingOuterVestWebMerc in six different maps.

But uh, I don’t think it should matter? Whether something can be found in maints doesn’t make it any more or less contraband.

My reasoning for not confiscating a vest is that it is suspicious, yes, but it is not threatening. I know the setting is supposed to be somewhat dystopian, but confiscating a piece of armor like that gives me strong vibes of “the company owns you, and the company will take you down if you don’t obey”.

merc web vest isnt a syndie item

1 hour ago, deltanedas said:

merc web vest isnt a syndie item

And security shouldn’t know exactly what is and what isn’t obtainable by syndies.