CoolGuy12345-foul language

SS14 account username: CoolGuy12345

Ban reason: F-slur

Date of ban: unknown

Length of ban: permanent

Events leading to the ban: can’t remember was a long time ago

Reason the ban should be removed: I am a changed man and I will no longer be using any language that is intended to be hatful. I realize what I said was wrong and I apologize for my actions and I will never do it again. (if more information is necessary I am willing to provide)


Why do you appear to have two accounts that you’ve been using interchangeably?

I would use the other account when I got killed.

Are you familiar with our rules, specifically the one forbidding the use of multiple accounts?


Don’t “multi-key” (utilize multiple alt accounts). Users knowingly using multiple SS14 accounts will have all of their accounts banned.

I was under the understanding that said rule only applied to using alternate accounts for the purpose of ban evasion

Immediately under that rule it says:


Unless you are actually two or more distinct individuals, there’s no reason for you to have more than one SS14 account connecting to the server, even if it is not at the same time. Users who are believed to be intentionally using different accounts to evade detection or scrutiny will get all accounts associated with that connection banned.

It is also listed as a separate rules from the one that explicitly says that ban evasion will get your accounts banned:


Attempting to evade game bans will result in an automatic appeal-only permanent ban that is only appealable after six months. Attempting to evade job bans will result in an appeal-only permanent ban. (YOU WILL GET BANNED MUCH WORSE THAN YOU ALREADY WERE)

I apologize but I never read the rules

I didn’t realize that having alt accounts were not allowed period.

The admin team has decided to accept this appeal. Only this account will be unbanned. You are encouraged to read the detailed version of the rules at Failure to follow rules in the future is unlikely to be met with leniency. Any future use of multiple accounts will result in another ban, and that ban is likely to only be appealable after 6 months and only with a voucher of good behavior from another server.

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