CoolGuy47: Random murder, Several signs of being underage and refusing ta answer Ahelp Questioning

Reason was Acted like a superhero and almost killed a guy, or I did kill a guy idk don’t know the date of ban sometime late February pretty sure it’s a Perma ban cause I’m looking at the reasons when I try to join the sever and it doesn’t say how long it is. ok joined late game and was a cargo technician I believe and was learning how to do the job (it was my first time being in cargo) and I accidently flew out into space and got knocked out pretended to have brain damage as a character thing after getting help from the doctors and then I put on a bedsheet and a bucket and became caption hero and I saw a greytide shoving someone and as a super hero I punched him multiple times and almost killed him he was on critical so then the cops come the guy reports me to admin I refuse to answer questions and then got banned. I want to be unbanned because I miss playing this game, I only attacked the guy cause I was bored and didn’t like being in cargo I won’t do this again I will follow the rules and have fun with the game. (PS if that sounded like I was sucking up or it didn’t sound sincere I’m sorry I’m not very good at writing).

Ok if any admins look at this I have had this game for like a month and this is my first time submitting a ban appeal so have mercy on me

Follow the template.


Please follow the template linked above.

To clarify, make your appeal legible and not just an entire brick of text somewhat related to the template. Use the template. If you can’t follow the template a third time I don’t think we’re going to entertain an appeal.

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