Coomp - Ban evasion


Bogwhandi Whomper

Banned on 9/28/22

“Attempted ban evasion. Appealable no sooner than march 22, 2023 with a voucher from another server.”


I was banned on September 21 for self antag, which was more than fair. However, I waited the week I was banned, and now I return to see that I’m now banned for ban evasion even though I didn’t do anything. If the admins are referring to the alt account I made, I made that strictly to try and check the in-game Changelog for updates. I never meant to evade my ban.

I believe I should be unbanned because I didn’t try to evade a ban. I’m a hardworking salvage operator, who can bring in good money to cargo, I just want to play the game again.


It’s not March 22nd yet.

From Rejected to Ban Appeals