Coopsbomb4 Cargo Ban Appeal

SS14 account: Coopsbomb4
Character name: Cooper McSweeney
Type of Ban: Game and Job Ban
Date of Ban and Duration: 3 days, Appeal only for Cargo
Reason for Ban: Using an Infinite resource (chem dispenser + chem master to produce sugar pills) to sell as cargo/salvage, which tanked server tps as a result
Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard
Your side of the story: I was testing a method to make money as cargo, due to my personal opinion that the money making methods in for cargo are very limited and that the growth of money is too limited too. I had made around 1.1k sugar pills when the admin Retequizle contacted me in ahelp asking me wether or not I was seriously metagaming to make sugar pills to which I replied I either go salvage or stay here making sugar pills and die to the demon core. Once I had made 1.8k total sugar pills Ret ahelped me again to say that I was tanking Server Tps to which I responded that I would sell the pills and that I was merely testing an idea I had, Ret responded to this by telling me that I could have stopped at 100 and that I was tanking server tps due to 1.8k entities being on the same grid tile, I then said next time I would just sell plasma canisters, it was at this point that Ret told me that I understood what I was doing and that they could not let this slide, It was at this point that I received my ban until the 8th of September 10:14 am and the Job Ban from Cargo as an Appeal only ban
Why you think you should be unbanned: I believe that I should get this opportunity as I was using a method to make money and at this point did not realise that I was in breach of rule 9. If I was to get the opportunity again I would either wait out the timer to get money or use the ingame salvage methods to produce more profit in ways that does not breach rule 9 or break the servers tps. I provide to the community a fairly competent player and Role Player. And I would hope to some a friendly face.
Anything else we should know: I would not repeat this stunt again, instead reporting it in Bugs and Feedback so that it can be patched so that it will not be attempted again

Hey Coopsbomb4,

Just to re-iterate, regardless of your current thoughts about the state of balance for cargo’s economy, it does not enable you or anyone else to look for ways to exploit the economy to generate as much income as possible with as little effort involved as possible. Exploiting game mechanics, especially ones that lag the server by creating hundreds of entities, is absolutely not permitted.

Admin consensus is divided on this appeal, however the majority ruling is to  accept this appeal. I trust this is the last time we will have this issue with you exploiting or abusing game mechanics. Your role bans should be removed shortly.

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