Crimes as a non-antag, crimes as a detective now that they are not security

I know that generally, non antags should not… antagonize the station. Don’t go around blowing shit up, don’t interfere with departments, and don’t go around beating/killing random people.

Say that somebody (possibly me :slight_smile: )wants to go with a character concept on an MRP server with the archetypal detective who is willing to get their hands dirty and break into places for the truth, knowing that it is a crime. A private eye of sorts. I am making the assumption that IC, they will be tried for breaking and entering or trespassing if caught, but as long as you are not antagonizing or causing overall harm to the station, is it, at least by the standards of the server’s rules, fine to commit those crimes? I know that security cannot partake hooligan and tider behavior, but can the detective now that they are a civilian? What are the implications of the detective having light security access and still being a civilian? Are they expected to uphold the same standards as security in spite of not being security? 

To elaborate so this doesn’t just look like “CAN I DO BAD SHIT!???”

You are the detective
There was a murder in a place that you do not have access to
You ask permission from people in the department (possibly a head) to check on the crime scene and they tell you to fuck off
You go “fuck it” and break in and get the evidence anyway

Would the detective be in violation of server rules in that case? 

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