CrossMayDay - Discord Ban

Discord account: CrossMayDay#3345
When was the ban: About 3 months ago ? Unsure
Your side of the story: Dont really have one. I just found out that for some reason i am not in the ss14 discord(anymore) and when i try to connect to it i cant.
Why you think you should be unbanned: Cause’ i didnt break any rules ? 
Anything else we should know: I am not a active discord user and not really a talker I was on the discord mostly to see the new updates being pushed and maybe asking the ocassional question about ingame mechanics, as far as I know i didnt break any rules to be banned from it. 

The ban was for multiple bigoted reactions on various announcement posts in the Discord. As you stated, it took you at least a month to attempt to appeal the ban and you were not an active user, so I see no reason to lift the ban as you have only contributed negatively.

From Rejected to Ban Appeals

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