Dagobertdogburglar roleban appeal

Role(s): Security
Length of ban: Perma (I think, was not specified or distinctly said to me)
Events leading to the ban:  Was warden, there was a running cannibalism gag that started when someone brought human meat to sec. Built a meatspike for shits and giggles and to further the joke. Had three (i think? was a while ago, maybe only two) dead syndies that died violently going loud on heads and/or security. Radio’d and/or asked HoS directly what to do with the bodies and he was cool with me meatspiking them. The syndicate players however, were not cool with it evidently. Spoke to admin about it and it seemed cordial enough, he stopped responding for a while and i went to work and came home to a ban. Rode the ban out because i can see how this looks bad on paper like this; but am now rolebanned 
Reason the ban should be removed:  I haven’t had so much as a bwoink (that i didn’t initiate) since and i do miss being able to play this huge part of the game. i will say; these things did not happen in a vacuum. While objectively kind of cruel these decisions were not made by me solely - and while i have no idea or really investment in if the hos got held accountable - these decisions were genuinely passed up the chain of command. the method of execution (gibbing, technically?) was just pretty shocking, i will admit. i also don’t have a disciplinary record outside of two remarks and have been an active member of the community for the better part of a year at this point. 

Addendum: forgot about a time i got in trouble for hv grille related antics i reference to disciplinary history 

It can be hard to try get the right outcome as sec as they are held to a higher standard than the other roles. I would suggest to have a quick read of the sec specific rules here, here and here before jumping in to the role again.

I’ve not seen any other issues on the account since and It may not have been clearly defined what was happening at the time of the ban.
Appeal accepted - role ban is removed.

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