DanitaMorales - Banned for beating up a unarmed person with a bat as a secoff

SS14 account username: DanitaMorales

Ban reason: beating a unarmed person with a bat as a secoff.

Date of ban: 3/17/2023

Length of ban: appeal only

Events leading to the ban: I was told by the HoS that a musician that he met had a shotgun, went to the musician and confronted him in the bar, asked him to come along and that i wanted to ask a few questions, He came along with me to the station, Arrived at the station and immediately i stun baton him and get him down so he won’t use his shotgun, cuffed him and dragged him into the medical security area to interrogate him, searched his bag and found the shotgun and a few beanbag shells, Found a body bag in there and i got suspicious if he was a syndie or not, I interrogated him further but lost control and used a bat to beat him while he was on the bed, kept asking questions if he was a syndie or not, he critted out and i had to go get the medic to save him. After which i was contacted by the admin asking about my “interrogation via bat”.

Reason the ban should be removed: I’m not the best or a great player but i am in the middle, not good but know somethings about the game. I mostly played as a medical worker, cargo worker and as a scientist and only played a few rounds as a security. In that round i lost control and beated a unarmed man which i am ashamed of myself for doing. When i realized what ive done i regretted it and tried to fix my wrongs but it was too late. We all make mistakes, i made a big one, I promise that this will not happen again and i’m deeply sorry if i ruined the round for any one else playing it. 

Hi DanitaMorales,

After reviewing the details of your ban, I’ve decided that your ban will be lifted with no additional on your history.

Although the execution of the gimmick was a tad bit questionable, the logs prove that you attempted to pull a CSI-style interrogation in security rather than flat execution, even if it wasn’t sort of the best way to go about it, you put in the effort.

You also displayed within logs that you did not want the prisoner to die, stating out to save them and uncuff, which reinforces the situation overall that this was not done with real malicious intent, but rather to spice up the circumstances you were provided, with a bat.

You have been unbanned from the servers and this will not be regarded in future incidents if any.

From Accepted to Ban Appeals