DanitaMorales - permanent ban cus homophobic slurs

ss14 Account: DanitaMorales


Character Name: Anna Grillington

Type of Ban: Game Ban

Date of Ban and Duration: July 26/ 2022 Perma Ban

Reason for Ban: No Homophobic slurs

Server you were playing on when banned: spacelizards

Your side of the story: I don’t know what happened, I was playing ss14 last night and went off after i passed my bed time and the next day i tried to get into the server i found out i was banned for saying homophobic slurs. I remember saying homophobic slurs in the game and i did not say any slurs or insults last night either.


Why you think you should be unbanned: I’ve been playing ss14 for some time and im still new and don’t know much about the game. i am always a intern and learning but i know some things about meds from working in medbay frequently. I don’t attack or judge other people but when im in a bad mood and i get pushed to the limit i can erupt and say some pretty bad things, i know my problem and i control my self every time that happens. I don’t remember being mad at a gay or lesbian in game and saying slurs but my memory is skanty and i don’t remember much. I might be an alcoholic in game and but im positive to people around and don’t hurt people’s feelings purposely. 


Anything else we should know: I don’t remember what i said while playing a round but i know that i did something wrong so i would like to apologize to the person.




Who is CaneKoral.

On 7/26/2022 at 1:42 PM, Stealth16 said:


Oh yeah i remember now, i was killed by some dude who kept yelling that i gave him injections but it wasn’t me who gave him those injections and it was another medic. I got mad because he critted and killed me for no reasons because he thought i was the medic that gave him the injections, He beated my critted body untill the CMO beated him and dragged him away and found out about it. I was really mad and i wanted to kill him but when i was cloned on the shuttle i asked where he is and the CMO told me that he died so i calmed down. I lost control there but i promise that i would not say any homophobic slurs and obey  by the rules now on.

On 7/26/2022 at 2:04 PM, moony said:

Who is CaneKoral.

Oh yeah i tried to come back in as an alt to ask you moony because i didn’t know what happened except that night when me and you had a conversation and why i got banned after but i found about it and found out that alts are not allowed so i’ll get rid of the alt.

You’re literally posting on the alt.

Surprise, attempting to get around your ban by making another account makes us not believe that you’re willing to follow the rules.

Appeal denied. You may make another in one month on your original account. If you attempt to circumvent your ban again, you will be voucher banned.

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