[DerMittelpunkt]-[ERP behaivior against a prisoner being stripped]

SS14 account username: [DerMittelpunkt]
Ban reason: [ERP behaivior against a prisioner being stripped]
Date of ban: [8.3.23]
Length of ban: [Appeal Only]
Events leading to the ban: [I was running around as a technical assistant, waiting for something to break or needing attetion. I stumbbeled around to Security where i saw a player currently being stripped in the brig. She called out that she shouldnt be stripped completly and called the Officer a Pervert. I agreed and told the Security officer to leave her alone, and tormeted him for being a bad officer. The officer told us to shut up and also an OCC was written out on the radio which made me promptly stop all togheter and leave.]
Reason the ban should be removed: [I fully understand all rules and can see the harm such behaivior could cause. None the less, i did not say “Pervert” just agreed with the Prisoner. In the End im personally really sorry for it, because i really enjoy playing on the server and playing with the community. I can now just promise that i learned my lesson, would like to apologize to the people who were part in this incident, that led to my ban and i will not do such a thing again and will take extra care to follow all the rules in the future.]

Messages in these screenshots are listed with earlier messages at the bottom. In the 3rd message from the bottom here, you seem to call yourself a pervert after saying you’ll take pics from the window:


Are there any comments you’d like to make in response to this? Is there any missing context that you believe should be considered while admins review your appeal?

Oh my god, i didnt belive that i wrote such a thing, i can just truly say that im sorry.

The context to the taking pictures was a threat towards the Sec officer, so that he would stop.

I can just say that the time i was unable to pay since now, deeply frustrated me and i can just promise to never do such things again. And would really hope that you guys would grant me another chance. I will never show such attitude again and will not use any rule breaking language and try my best to follow all the rules in generel.

Like i now see the gravity of my behaivior and totally agree that the ban to this point was absolutly deserved for this usage of language. I can just reasure that since wednesday were the ban was issued i missed playing the game with the community.

I just hope to be allowed to play again on the server and promise to never do such things again, i really want to empathise that.

Thank you for your response.

The admin team has decided to accept this appeal. Please refamiliarize yourself with the rules. It may be helpful to read the more detailed version of the rules at https://wiki.spacestation14.io/wiki/Server_Rules.

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